[Guide] Turn on Vibrate on iPhone 14 Max & Earlier

Turn on Vibrate on iPhone: Almost every Android smartphones have a similar option to put the phone to vibrate mode. Only you have to press the volume down key (-) to the end. If you are searching the vibrate option in profile, media, etc. you’ll not get it. There are only two options available.

To Turn on Vibrate on iPhone 14 Max & Earlier just like Android is not difficult. It’s just like reducing the volume click – click – click – click till it reaches the last bar click and your Android phone will be silent and vibrate mode will be activated.

The second option is available in the notification bar and sound profile settings. You can easily activate Vibrate Mode from the notification bar and sound profile settings. But in iPhone 6 if you try to turn on the “vibrate only” profile by pressing the volume down button to end it will not activated means you can’t put your iPhone 6 down to vibrate mode by pressing the volume down button in profile.

But this Guide will help you how to Turn to Vibrate on 14 Max & Earlier just like Android.

Easy Guide How to Turn Vibrate on 14 Max & Earlier just like Android

Turn on Vibrate on iPhone

During important meetings, in classrooms, in the office, etc. it’s most common time when people want to put their mobile phone on vibrate mode without completely turning on silent mode. And you can easily get your important calls without disturbing entire people because, your phone will vibrate only instead of ring loudly at the time of incoming calls, messages, and other emergency alerts.

If you are also getting trouble turning on vibrate only on iPhone 6 Read all instructions carefully given below, I’m sure you will get another option to activate Vibrate Mode instead of only upper or lower notification areas.

Simple Way to Turn on Vibrate on iPhone 6 and Android 6 Plus

For your knowledge once again I’m repeating that iPhone doesn’t have the ‘only vibrate’ option in the sound profile setting.  In starting I promised to show you two simple ways to make this work done just like other Android phones.

1) Just go to Setting and select Sounds to make sure is the vibrate mode enabled or not for silent sound profile, OK. As shown in the image(left side) given below.

Then make Enable vibrate on Silent as shown in the image(right side) below.

Turn on Vibrate mode on iPhone

Now, you have successfully turned on vibrate mode. It’ll automatically turn on vibrate mode when it’s on silent mode.

2)  In 1’st step we have turned on vibrate mode when it is on silent mode but it’ll be good if we can get a process to do it quickly. So, now we will learn how quickly we can Turn to Vibrate on 14 Max & Earlier just like Android smartphones, OK.

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Too simple, every iPhone has a special button for this purpose I mean to enable the Silent. When you enable the Silent as shown in the image given below, all sound will go in silent mode(will not work), only it will vibrate as we have changed its setting in the first step that will automatically enable the vibration on silent. Do reverse the same I mean change the silent button to normal to put it back to normal sound profile. That’s it.

Activate Vibrate only on iPhone

Now, enjoy your iPhone on Vibrate Mode in privacy.

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