Ways to Generate Electricity | Free Electricity with Help of Magnets

How to Get Free Electricity? Know all the Possible Ways to Generate Electricity. Today we’re going to learn how to make Free energy at home. There are many ways to create your own energy. All those will be discussed here. Many of us ask : Is Free energy real? Yes, it’s real and here we’ll tell you about one of the cheapest Free energy source. So that you’d learn how to save on your electric bill. Now, no more questions how to save on your electric bill because we’ll tell you all the possible ways to generate electricity. So learn how we can make electricity at home? And say “I’ve My own power grid”.

Ways to Generate Electricity | Make Free Energy at Home

There are may ways to generate electricity but today we’re going to inform you about only some possible and free ways.

  1. Make free electric with Help of two Magnets.
  2. With Help of two Motors.
  3. By a Solar Panel.
  4. By a dynamo.
  5. With help of wind.
  6. With help of Water.

On this page we’ll only explain how to make free electricity with help of Magnets. And all other sources will be discussed on next days.

How to Make Free Electricity with Help of Magnets?

It’s very simple to make free electric with help of Magnets. We’ll need some used things and some tools. The list is given below. So, lets have all these listed things before going to create our own power grid.

  1. Two Ceramic Magnets : You can get these from any old and not in use sound box.
  2. Some LEDs : You can purchase these from market.
  3. Thick Copper Wire : 1 Meter.
  4. Hot Glue Gun : You can purchase it from market.

  5. Wood Board : You can use any of flat wood board.
  6. A Thin Iron Plate : You can also use one or two iron Pins.

OK, now lets know how to fix these. All the process will be done in 4 easy steps. So, start the project if you’ve all the above listed things.

Step-1) At first roll the copper wire with help of Marker Pen. You can also use long sticks.

Now fix the rolled wire on one of the Magnet with help of hot glue Gun.

Step-2) Also fix the second Magnet back of the wire, just over the first Magnet.
Step-3) Now, insert the iron plate or Pin inside the circled copper wire.

Step-4) OK, now, fix all these on the wood plate with help of hot glue Gun.
Then connect both the LEDs’ wired to the Copper wire as shown in above image. You can also use switch (ON/OFF) later.

Have a bight and easy to make, Free home made electric. This is best of school project. You can also use it as night bulb. Our Aim is to make free electricity and pollution free environment. Next day we’ll learn how to make electric with help of CPU fan. Hope you’re enjoying these ways to generate Electricity.

How to save on your electric bill? Create your own energy

You’ve learnt how to save on your electric bill means, how to Create your own energy.

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