The Best Home Server in 2022

Today we'll discuess about top 7 best Home Servers in 2022.

1) FreeNAS

The first recommended FreeNAS is the most used home server OS by the home mini-scale servers experienced people.

2) OpenMediaVault

The most popular and lightweight OpenMediaVault is our 2nd home server OS recommendation for you. OpenMediaVault made by using PHP-AJAX.

3) NAS4Free

NAS4Free is the simple and most lightweight home server to the FreeNAS. We highly recommend NAS4Free to those who want to make a server with low-powered old or new hardware.

4) Ubuntu Server

Almost every listed server OS in this list is, based on Linux Server and Linux distribution to work as a website hosting provider. Ubuntu and Debian are also the best choices for graphic designers, web-developer and video editors.

5) Amahi Home Server

For those people who use a separate home server, Amahi Home Server is best for them. It's the most stable and easy to work home server OS for people starting to build their very own home server.

6) OpenFiler

The 6th number best house server OS is OpenFiler. If you are thinking about NAS or IP storage Gateway, then it's the right choice. Server-making OpenFiler often uses too heavy storage.

7) ClearOS

Targeted for home users, developers and hobbyists, the community has developed ClearOS. The best home server OS ClearOS is available in two editions - free and paid. – Free for Community Edition. And, – Paid for professional edition.

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