How to take a credit card off your iphone?

Learn Easy Steps to take a credit card off your iphone

Step.1) Go and open the iTunes app on your PC or Mac, anyone is in use.

Follow all the Steps and remove your Credit Card from you iPhone

Step.2) Now click on Apple logo => go to 'iTunes Store' => open the iTunes Store(sometimes it's auto open)

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Step.3) Look at top of the screen open menu bar => click on 'Account'.

Make sure have you logged in to your Apple ID? If not go to Account menu => select 'Sign in'.

Step.4) OK, after that again go to Account menu => 'View My Account.'

You will be asked once more for your Apple ID password => Enter that to continue.

Step.5) From the Account Information page => 'Apple ID Summary' section.

Step.6) Apple ID Summary section => 'Payment Type' => 'Edit'.

Step.7) It'll drag you to the 'Edit Payment Information' page.

This is the page of Payment option selection for your Apple ID and the roots are Visa, Master Card, or PayPal.

Step.8) Now select 'None' to take your credit card off.

You can also change your Payment option from this page. The option is given at the end of the list.

Hope you could remove your Credit Card from your iPhone. For More details take help from below