How to get Safari’s privacy features in Chrome.

By John Doe

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Keeping your web browser private is more important than ever these days. Here’s how to get Safari’s privacy features on Chrome.

5 Things to Know About Metaverse Today News


Check your passwords

Run an audit on your existing passwords in Chrome.

Go to Chrome Settings and click Passwords.

Title 3

1) A Metaverse is the latest internet Technology to show 3D images of Virtual worlds to upgrade the social connections.


Install Noblockers.

To get even more tracking data about a URL, or to block it, Safari-style, use an extension like Noblockers.

2) To Purchase lands and other assets in Metaverse you'll need Cryptocurrency

3) Mark Zuckerberg wants to setup Facebook's future on the metaverse


Police Extensions

To police extension permissions, go to Choose More Tools > Extensions from the Chrome menu.

3) People wants to know Is metaverse real? "The Answer is - Yes Metaverse is real but Virtual 3D image of the World"



Detailed Extensions

Then click Details next to the extension you need.

4) Gaming Companies like Roblox and Epic are  metaverses. 5) Metaverse is the way by which you can touch and feel each and everything even you're not there.