What is iSCSi? Know What else is New in iSCSi Initiator? [Best Answer]

What is iSCSi?  The full form of iSCSi is – Internet Small Computer System Interface. It’s a transport layer Internet protocol that explain how to transport SCSI packets over a TCP/IP network. (IP = Internet Protocal, TCP = Transport layer protocol and SCSI = Small Computer System Interface). In this post will know What’s iSCSi and what else is new in iSCSi Initiator?

What is iSCSi?

ISCSi Initiator is an Acronym for Internet Small Computer System Interface. ISCSi is an IP based storage networking system which stands for linking data storage facilities over a TCP/IP network. It allows the SCSI command(Small Computer System Interface) to be sent end-to-end over LANs, WANs or the Internet. (LAN = local-area network, WAN = wide-area network).

What is iSCSi

What else is New in iSCSi Initiator?

  • Images : It allows to use standard raw image files for creating HA devices.
  • Networks : More than two separate network interfaces can be used during synchronization and heartbeat channel.
  • Deduplication: It has added snapshots support. To easy support data journaling, plug-in also has been remaked.
  • Switch partner feature: Any user can assign new partner node to existing HA device node. But after again switched existing HA device to previous new partner node user must not use old partner. Then you’ll need to reconfigure client MPIO connections to use new partner path at the place of old one.
  • RAM disk: The company has changed old serial Id generation algorithm. Today they are using unique serial Id for all different machines in the network. No changing in predefined IDs. It means predefined IDs still can be used to configure files for RAM devices.

Best Answer ;

  • High availability: The plugin has been upgraded to the new version.
  • SPTI: Now, at the time of checking properties user can use buffer alignment parameter on service initialization.
  • Client Network: ISCSi strongly recommended to use any client network similar to heartbeat channel. Heartbeat channel is not a network traffic producer. It’s only use to transfer service messages.
  • Synchronization: Any point of time when the both nodes were down HA device start synchronization. In case of recognize the most recent node which has correct data HA device can brings this node online automatically and combine the other node. If anyone of both nodes has not been turned off normally during running cache mode, autosync procedure couldn’t be run by HA device. It was because after power loss, both nodes were down at the same time.
  • The new transport tool has substituted to MS iSCSI transport for sync channel.
Know What else is New in iSCSi Initiator
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