Will Windows 10 Users Get Windows 11 for Free?

The most asked question about Windows 11 is – will Windows 10 users get Windows 11 for free? And, is Windows 11 worth it? If you also want to know: Will Windows 11 be a free update? And how to get Windows 11 for free, then read this guide till the end.

Do Windows 10 Users Get Windows 11 for Free?

Yes, all the genuine Windows 10 customers will get Windows 11 for free. Only they’ll need to check their PC’s assembled parts. Windows 11 has some requirements to Run on Windows 10 PC. In case if you fail it, you’ll not be able to run it on your PC.

Windows 11 System Requirements

Check the list of all Windows 11 System requirements here – How to check PC is Compatible with Windows 11? In case your PC completes all the Windows 11 requirements then, you can easily update it.

But what will be if your PC is not compatible with Windows 11! Then you’ll need to buy a new PC or upgrade its parts.

Will Windows 10 Users Get Windows 11 for Free

Windows 11 Update Checker

You don’t need to check for Windows 11 updates Microsoft sends you an auto-update notification on your PC if you’re a genuine Windows 10 user. For those who’re a crack version Windows 10 user, they’ll need to search for that way.

So, you need not search for Windows 11 Update Checker. The only need to make your PC compatible with Windows 11 Run.

Windows 11 Compatibility check

It’s easy to get Windows 11 Compatibility check you can get here.

Windows 11 Update for Windows 10 Official

It has officially announced that “All Windows 10 Genuine users can auto-update Windows 11,” you also check it here. But you need to know about your PC health.


Q: How to PC Health Check Windows 11?

Ans: For PC health check windows 11 go to “File Explorer” (in Windows 10) >> Then Click on “This PC” >> Right click on “Local Disk (C:)” >> Click on “Properties”

How to PC Health Check Windows 11

Q: Do I Have to Upgrade to Windows 11?

Ans: Yes, if your PC suits the Windows 11 requirements, you can upgrade to Windows 11. It’s not bound that you must upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11. If you’re still happy with your old Windows 10 OS, then you can use it.

Q: Is Windows 11 Worth it?

Ans: Yes, Windows 11 is a superb OS than 10.

Q: Should I buy Windows 10 or Wait for Windows 11?

Ans: I think you should wait for windows 11 as it’s too close to being available for sale.

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