Fixed: Windows 11/10 Slow Internet Speed Issue

We’ve fixed Windows 11/10 slow Internet speed issue. And here are 6 ways to make Windows 11/10, 8.1, and 7 internet speed fast. If you also face speed slow down issues during access or transfer of data of your Windows 11 PC then you’re at the right place. There’re many reasons to slow down your PC.

Windows 11 slow internet speed has been a painful mess for its users. But we’ve fixed Internet slow windows 11. So, let’s learn how to Speed up the internet windows 11/10, 8.1, and 7.

How to Solve Windows 11/10 Slow Internet Problem Also for Windows 8.1 & 7?

The network is the root of our communication if it’s stopped or delayed then we’re in trouble. The way to fix Windows 11/10 slow internet speed problem isn’t much tough. You’ll need to go for only one step from the given 6 Tricks on this page. Here is how to solve the win 11 slow internet problem.

Steps to Fix Windows 11/10 Slow Internet Speed Issue

Top 6 easy tricks to fix Windows 11/10 slow network speed Issue and easy to setup. So, let’s fix Win 11 Network Slow problems below tricks. These tricks also work for Windows 8.1 and 7.

1-Trick) Need to “Disable the Auto-tuning”

It’ll help your PC with DNS lookup and fix all network discovery issues. Not only that, it’ll also speed up your PC’s data transfer speed. The process is the same for all versions of Windows OS.

Type in your PC search for “Command Prompt” right-click to open as Administrative.

Windows 11 Slow Internet Speed Issue

(i) netsh interface tcp show global

(ii) netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled

(iii) netsh interface tcp show global

Now, type or paste the above 3 commands on that page. As done in the guide image, .

How to fix Windows 10 Slow Internet Speed Issue

2-Trick) Remove TCP/IPv6 from Network Connection

In case of not using the IPv6 protocol by your both internal and external network, you should remove it. If you’ll not remove it, it’ll keep trying to register or resolve IPv6 addresses and slow down your PC network. So, let’s get it and remove it.

Steps to fix Windows 11 Slow Internet Speed Issue

3-Trick) Must Remove “RDC”

The RDC was added for Windows Vista to transfer data. And the data was transferred in compressed format. Windows hasn’t stopped it and is still used in its latter and current version too. So, let’s learn how to remove RDC to speed up the PC network.

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4-Trick) Disable all the Network Adapters (Wireless, Virtual or other)

This way will clear all the network-related confusions on your OS. If you’re not using your wireless network but it’s connected to your PC means LAN is active. Disabling LAN can also Speedup your PC network.

5-Trick) Clear all the DNS Cache

By clearing all the DNS Cache you also help your PC on Network. There may be many old and broken DNS records that create issues by removing them you’ll Speedup Windows 11/10 network (work for all OS).

So, copy-paste or type this command [ ipconfig /flushdns ] into the command prompt as administrator. It’ll fix Win 11 Slow network Speed problem.

Solve my Windows 10 slow network Speed Issue

6-Trick) Check “Link Speed & Duplex” Value

Reset Link Speed & Duplex can also fix the Slow network Speed problem in Win 11/10. No one can say which value will work for you as it depends on your physical network setup. Means, (The network adapter, LAN speed, cable in use, and network switch).

I don’t know the real setup then choose ‘Auto Negotiation’ for default. You can also check all the options till getting the right one.

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Tricks to Fix Windows 11/10 Slow Internet Issue

That’s all. We hope you could fix your Win 11 slow network.

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