Logged on With a Temporary Profile in Windows 11/10 & 7

[Solved] How to fix “You Have been Logged on With a Temporary Profile” in Windows 10 and 7. You may also see this error “logged on with temporary profile” on your Windows 10 and 7 Computer. Sometimes when your Windows 10 and 7 OS Laptop or desktop is unable to read the user’s profile correctly, it loads a temporary profile that appears as new. And Windows 10 and 7 show a message that you’ve been logged in with a temporary profile.

In this guide, we are going to fix the temporary profile message. So read how can a temporary profile fix?


You must be aware of this message or not a day it’ll surprise you when seeing the new desktop without your own files, all folders, each program shortcut icons, and other personalized settings. So read this guide and learn how you can fix the ‘You Have been Logged on With a Temporary Profile’ issue in Windows 10 and 7 OS PC.

How to Fix You Have been Logged on With a Temporary Profile in Windows 10 and 7

The very popular message for all Windows 10 and 7 OS users is “You have been logged on with Temporary profile”. This Windows 10 and 7 Tricks Guide will solve several issues related to profile login.

[Question] Why Windows 10 and 7 Loads with Temporary Profile?

Either Windows 10 and 7 OS delay in reading your profile or your Antivirus taking much time during booting or the location of your files and folders has been corrupted ( that is located under C:\Users\user_name). Generally, Windows read your profile after typing the username and password at any time if any delay in loading your profile, it loads with a temp profile for quick access on your computer.

Steps to Fix Windows 10 and 7 Temp issue on Domain and Group Environment

Trick-1) We advise you to go first and restart your PC 3-4 times may it get back your actual profile. If not, follow the 2nd trick.

Trick-2) Just rename to showing temp profile registry => Go to the Actual (real) registry settings and correct your profile. Many times this trick works for me in domain and group environments.

How to Correct the Temp Profile in Windows 10 and 7?

  1. Go and log in to your PC with a temp profile.
  2. Type Regedit in the search box of Windows 10 and 7 and click to start the registry editor.
  3. Now, navigate the below location. As shown below image.
Fixed You Have been Logged on With a Temporary Profile in Windows 7

4. Similar keys can also be seen under the profile list, but not all only one with .bak, see the below image.

logged on with temporary profile in windows 7

The above marked .bak file is the correct profile.

5. At present your Windows 10 and 7 OS computer is logged in with temporary means fresh new profile using the same key. To correct it just rename all the listed profile which doesn’t have .bak => Then remove .bak from the market correct profile key. As done below image.

How to Correct the Temp Profile in Windows 7

6. All done! No need to log off and restart your computer => Log in with your old correct username and password. Now, luckily you have your correct profile with Actual icons and valid profile settings get back in Windows 10 and 7.

7. But if still your Windows 10 and 7 OS laptop loads those temporary profiles and creating .bak registry key then what to do? It means your user profile is fully corrupted and the OS is unable to read it correctly.

How to Temporary Profile Fix?

Trick-3) This trick has helped me to repair the corrupted files in many Windows 10 and 7 computers. I’ve found that most of the time the “Ntuser” files cause this issue. So, => Go to user profile => Run the check disk for partition. As I did in the below image.

temporary profile fix

Wait for restart the check disk => Can you see the corrupted entries and repairing process just inside the user profile folder? If yes, then it’s good news for you. Let it search, may it find and repair any special file including Ntuser. If it could able to repair the Ntuser files, you’ll get your correct old Windows 10 and 7 profile back.

In case of not working any above steps, we’ll create a fresh new profile with the new user name.

How to Create a New User Account on Windows 10 and 7 and Fix Temporary Profile?

In this method, you’ll need to create a user account => Then log in to a new profile and transfer all data from your old corrupted profile to the newly created user profile. This is easy in a workgroup environment and works perfectly because here you can create a local username but a difficult task for a domain environment.

Since there is already a user account available on the domain server with no issue. And if we’ll create a fresh new domain user account then it’ll cause some serious issues on domain groups + hosting membership, business emails, and also for shared permissions.

Because of that, we’ll treat both of them separately.

How to create a New User in Workgroup Environment?

Trick-4) Go to Control Panel or your computer management and create a new user in the workgroup environment (non-domain).  The new user must be added to the administrator’s group, sure.

Now restart your computer and log in to new account and start copying all your old profile‘s data. The important which you must copy is listed below, which I also do.

  1. Desktop.
  2. My Documents (As, it contains files of Music, videos, and all downloads).
  3. Favorites (My special data).
  4. If any outlook PST files (More about Outlook here.)

Actually, Microsoft recommends copying all entire old user profiles (instead of 4 files) Check it on its official site.

How to create a New User in Domain Environment?

Trick-5) In this case, If it’s not possible to delete and create a fresh new domain user account, till then we could only think about the client computer only. So, you need to remove the user profile completely and re-create the same user account again. But first, you must copy all the important user data (files and folders) 1 to 4 steps as suggested above and save it at a new location because we are going to delete this profile.

Now follow the steps below:-

  1. Go to Advanced settings of System.
  2. On the user’s profiles click on Settings.
  3. Select and delete the corrupted not loading properly, the user profile in Windows 10 and 7. To get enable the delete button you’ll need to log in with a different account.
Fixed You Have been

After doing this trick all the entire data (user profile) including user SID and registry keys will delete from the computer. Use this C:\Users root to recheck all the removal of user account (SID). Restart your computer after completing the removal and login with the same user name (which Windows 10 and 7 were not loading). Now you’ll have to create a new profile because you want to log in the first time.

Fixed You Have been Logged on With a Temporary Profile in Windows 10 and 7

So, after logging on the copy all the files including important data to newly created profile and all the functions like email outlook, etc. as per requirement.


We’ve been fixed You Have been Logged on With a Temporary Profile in Windows 10 and 7 OS Computer.

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