How to Disable Windows 10 gadgets (Sidebar) – Also in 8.1 and 7

How to Disable Windows 10 gadgets ? Some heavy Gadgets increase Windows OS loading time and Shouting down time too. This is happens because these large data consuming gadgets take more time to update it’s functions. I don’t think any of them is necessary for our computer system including windows 10, 8.1 and 7.

And, also I’m sure you will be happy if your windows 10 guest or host virtual machine take a couple of few seconds only during Turn ON and OFF. These all speed barriers can me moved into cave by just a semi configuration of your Windows Operating Systems.To improve our Windows OS performance we have to disable the windows 10 sidebar gadgets including 8.1 and 7.
If you are new on windows 10, 8.1 or 7 and don’t know how to disable windows 10 gadgets read carefully this guide. You’ll be able to access all gadgets via desktop context menu of your computer. These windows gadgets can be easily dropped anywhere on your computer’s desktop screen as you’d like.
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Disable Sidebar Gadgets on Windows 10 : Disable Windows 10 gadgets

How to Disable Windows 10 Gadgets(Sidebar) – Work on 8.1 and 7 Also.

Now, to disable windows 10 gadgets go to Control Panel from windows Startbar then type over there “features” into the search box as shown in below image. Here you will see “Turn Windows features on or off” just click over there to open.

Disabling Windows 10 Sidebar : Disable Windows 10 gadgets
Unchecked boxes, which gadgets you want to Remove from Windows desktop Gadget Platform and give a single click over the OK button and restart your computer after workdone.

Turn off Windows features : Disabling Windows 10 gadgets
Now right click on your desktop check gadgets menu. you will see gadgets menu( Graphics Properties, Graphics Options and Gadgets) no more present. As shown in example here.

Disable Graphics Properties and gadgets
I hope you have successfully disabled windows 10 Gadgets and sidebars.

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