[Guide] Easy Steps to Root Honor 10 Without TWRP Recovery with Image

Easy Steps to Root Honor 10 Without TWRP Recovery with Image : This is the guide to teach you how to Root Honor 10 mobile without TWRP recovery. You’ll also get all the related images of Honor 10 root system. So that you can easy fix your phone. The Honor 10 rooting process are very tricky but easy. First of all you must clear all your doubts related rooting of Honor 10 smartphone, after that you’ll learn how to root Honor 10 smartphone.

Is it Safe Method to Root Honor 10?

Yes, root Honor 10 method is 100% safe as it’s developed by the XDA senior member. So you can fully believe and follow the way of rooting honor 10.

Can We Root Honor 10 Without Unlock Bootloader?

No, it’s not possible to root honor 10 without unlock bootloader. you have to unlock bootloader to root honor 10 phone.

Does Rooting will Void Phone Warranty?

Yes. As, it’s need to unlock bootloader of your phone so, it’ll void your phone warranty.

How to Install Official TWRP Recovery on Honor 10?

We’re to say that there’re still no official twrp recovery available for honor 10 phone.

Can I Install Custom ROMs on Honor 10 After Root it?

It’s not possible to flash new Honor 10 custom ROM without root and custom recovery.

Easy Steps to Root Honor 10 Without TWRP Recovery with Image

Before going to root Honor without TWRP recovery first know about the what to have for honor 10 rooting.

What to Have for Rooting Honor 10 Android Oreo Smartphone?

  • First of all you must take backup of your honor 10 phone before going to root it. So that you’ll be able to restore honor 10 if, anything goes wrong.
  • Check your phones’ battery it must be 80%.
  • You must have a PC or Laptop to root honor 10 cellphone.
  • Download “Minimal adb & fastboot tool” in your PC and Install it.
  • Download “Honor 10 Root File from here.

Process To Root Honor 10 With Magisk Manager

First of all make sure that you’ve the above requirement. If, yes then go for the below steps.

Step-1) Unlock Bootloader on Honor 10

This step is must, without it, rooting of honor 10 not possible. So, lets know how to unlock Bootloader on Honor 10. This is the security lock which ask your permission before going to any change in your device.

Step-2) Now Flash the Modified Image Filyoue by Applying Command

Now the method has been too easier after unlock bootloader on your Honor 10 phone. So, if you’ve done the first step then you’ve a unlocked cellphone in your hand. And you’re free to root honor 10 using magsik manager file.

  1. Make sure you’ve downloaded “Honor 10 Root File” on your PC.
  2. Also check that you’ve downloaded “Minimal adb & fastboot tool” on your PC.
  3. Open the downloaded Honor 10 root file and copy the .img file.
  4. Now go to your PCs’ “C drive” >> abd folder and Paste the copied file here.tlxx.img Easy Steps to Root Honor 10 Without TWRP Recovery with Image
  5. OK, now click on black place of abd folder >> Press and hold “shift” key + “Right Click” on Mouse >> Select “Open Command window here” as done in below image.open powershell window here Easy Steps to Root Honor 10 Without TWRP Recovery with Image
  6. It’ll open a new command page, wait for it “don’t close”.
  7. Take your Honor 10 phone in your hand and Switch off it.
  8. After Power off, press and hold power key + volume down key at the same time.
  9. Now connect your phone to PC via USB cable.
  10. Now type the bellow command to flash modified image file on your phone;
    fastboot flash ramdisk col-magisk-tlxx .img
    Then press enter key.
  11. Wait till the process completed.
  12. Then, type the below command;
    fastboot reboot
    It’ll auto reboot your Honor 10 mobile.

Now you’ve done! the task how to root Huawei Honor 10 Without TWRP Recovery with Image.

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